Privacy Policy

What do we do with your information?

We, at RIFZON, accommodate you with services that ease your business information. Our services include Mobile app development and virtual employee providing. So, in such cases, RIFZON would need some of your personal information to assist you. When you avail of any service from RIFZON, you indulge yourself in the service buying process. In such cases, RIFZON collects some personal data. It includes data such as name, address, and email ID.

Further, when you surf RIFZON, we also automatically get access to your computer’s IP address. This IP address enables RIFZON to acquire some information like OS and browsing system to optimize the service for you.

RIFZON, if necessary, will also send you an email that will inform you about the newly launched services/offers from RIFZON. All these activities maybe email marketing, but it can include some other data as well.


RIFZON, in some cases, may disclose your personal information. But is it only done when RIFZON is required to do so following any law, or in cases when the user in RIFZON digital platform violates the terms of use/service.


RIFZON uses Razorpay for processing your payments online. Further, RIFZON also wants to clarify that RIFZON/Razorpay doesn’t acquire any card information while providing you with services.

All the data at RIFZON are encrypted employing the payment card industry-data security card. That is also known as PCI-DSS. Further, when you are processing any type of payment at RIFZON’s digital platform, you should be ensuring that your data is only utilized to process your transaction at RIFZON. Once your transaction is complete, none of your data is used by RIFZON/Razorpay. And once you check-out with your transaction, none of your data is saved in the platform.

Further, if you are facing any issues in payment, RIFZON would not be liable for it. On using this platform, you agree to everything mentioned in this Privacy statement. RIFZON adheres to all the standards made by the PCI DSS. And PCI DSS is managed by a council that also manages VISA, Master Card, and all other cards. So, that makes it clear that all your payment made in RIFZON is safe and secure. The PCI-DSS necessities help RIFZON to ensure the highest standard of security.


RIFZON makes it best possible to ensure that all your personal information remains secure on the digital platforms of RIFZON. Thus, RIFZON takes all necessary defences to protect the information of its consumers. Further, we assure the industry’s best practices to ensure all the data you provide are not mis-engaged, lost, or theft.

RIFZON also ensures that the information you furnish on the digital platform of RIFZON is not disclosed to anyone else. It is only disclosed if it is an order as per the law. So, you can be assured that all your information is safe on the digital platforms of RIFZON.


RIFZON also utilizes cookies to retain the session of the users. However, it is never employed to identify you individually on any other website.


RIFZON reserves all the rights to make any sort of modification to the privacy policy. The changes can be made at any point in time. And these modifications to the privacy policy would be effective immediately after posting on the digital platform of RIFZON. So, RIFZON always encourages all its users to go through the privacy policy regularly.

If RIFZON makes any materialistic changes to the policy, it will notify you on this privacy policy page that it has been modified. That makes it clear that the information RIFZON accesses use it under the circumstances mentioned on the privacy policy page. Thus, if you use the website of RIFZON after the modification, you agree to all the points mentioned above.