Terms of Services


This website is operated by RIFZON. In the complete digital platform of RIFZON, including the Terms of Service, “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to RIFZON. RIFZON offers a web platform, including all its services and products to its users. So, if any of the services are made available on the site of RIFZON, it is exclusively for you. So, on using this platform, you agree to all the terms of service mentioned on the website.

You agree that you are accepting all policies, conditions, and terms mentioned on this page. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this website, you may not use this website of RIFZON. But by visiting the site of RIFZON and availing of the services provided on the website, you engage yourself in the services of RIFZON. So, you are bound to follow all the terms of services. It also includes those additional terms and conditions provided herein reference with hyperlinks.

Further, these terms of services mentioned in this website are applicable to all users of the RIFZON site. It also includes users like Vendors, merchants, browsers, customers, and contributors of the content available on the site, and anyone who accesses the website.

You must read all the terms of service mentioned in RIFZON carefully. This is because; on your access to this website, you are bound to agree to all the terms of service mentioned. And if you do not agree to the terms of service mentioned on the RIFZON website, you may not access the website or purchase any services from RIFZON. And if these terms mentioned from RIFZON are considered to be an offer, the user’s acceptance of the terms would be limited.

RIFZON is an online service provider that may expand at any point in time. So, any services/ product which would be integrated to RIFZON will subject to these terms of service. You can go through the latest version of the terms of service at any point in time on the RIFZON website. And on the other hand, RIFZON reserves all the right to modify/change the terms of service at any moment. We can also replace/edit any part of the latest terms of service. On posting the changes, it will immediately take into effect. So, we encourage our users to read the term of services regularly. And your access to the website after the modification will show your consent to the terms of service posted after modification.


RIFZON reserves all the rights to deny services to any of its users at any point in time. On using the website of RIFZON, you understand that your data (except credit card data) may be transferred unencrypted and will involve (i) transmitting via distinct networks, (ii) modifications to the imitate, and adaptation of the technical requirements. However, the credit card data in RIFZON always remain encrypted during its transmission over several networks.

On using the website, you also agree that you will not replicate, reproduce, sell, or make duplicate any product/services available on the RIFZON website. It also includes the content and graphics of the RIFZON website. If you do so, you will be liable for punishment as per the law. And RIFZON can take action against you.

Further, all the heading used in this terms of service page is only to make it easier for you. So, it will neither limit nor affect the terms mentioned in detail.


RIFZON is not liable if any information that is available on this website is not accurate, complete, or is latest. All the content offered in RIFZON digital platform is only offered to you as general information. So, you should completely rely on the information available in RIFZON. Your decision making on any service would be solely yours. Upon using the website, you agree that you are provided with any consultancy to avail of the service. Further, if you rely on services available on this site, you would rely on your own risk.

At times, the website from RIFZON may include historical data. It is not necessary that the information you get at RIFZON is current. It may sometimes for the sole purpose of reference. RIFZON keeps all the rights reserved to introduce changes to the web platform at a point in time. But RIFZON provides no obligation to update about any changes made to the site. Thus, we encourage you to monitor the changes at regular intervals.


The prices of the services available at RIFZON subject to changes at any point in time; Further, RIFZON may change it without any prior notice to any of its users. So, you must check the prices regularly. Further, RIFZON reserves all the rights to change or discontinue any service that is available on this website. And RIFZON is not liable to provide any kind of notice that concerns the changes.

So, RIFZON is not liable to any third party/ user for any such changes that are made to the services. It may include modifications, price change, discontinuing of the service.


There are some products from RIFZON that may be only available online through the RIFZON website. Further, these services available at RIFZON may be available in limited quantities. So, they can only be availed for return/ replacement as per the return policy of RIFZON.

RIFZON tries its best possible to showcase the content available on this website as accurate as it can be. But further, it doesn’t make any assurance that your display will show you with precision.

RIFZON also reserves all the rights to limit the services that are available on this website. And it may make changes at any point of time with our sole discretion. RIFZON also will not offer you the guarantee that the quality of the product/services will meet your expectations.


All your personal information that you submit to RIFZON would be governed under our privacy policy.


RIFZON doesn’t offer you a guarantee or assures you that your access to the services on the RIFZON website would remain uninterrupted/ free of error. RIFZON also doesn’t warrant that the outcome that you get from any of the services of RIFZON will be accurate/ dependable.

So, you agree that RIFZON may remove any service for an indefinite duration at a point in time. It also may cancel the service without sending you any prior notice.

Further, you also agree that your inability to use the services at RIFZON would be at your sole risk. The services/ product that is offered to you at RIFZON is as it is, and is for your use. So, it would not assure/warrant/ represent any warranties for quality, fitness, or durability.

In no case shall RIFZON or its directors, including the employees, officers, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, licensor, or anyone associated with RIFZON would be liable for any type of loss/ injury to the user or any third party. It can be direct/indirect damages of a kind. But neither RIFZON nor anyone associated with RIFZON can be held liable for any sort of losses. But it does not limit any error or omission to any content or any losses that are due to any services. This is because some states/ jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion or limitation of responsibility for any consequential or incidental damage. In such states/regions, our liability limits to the maximum extent that is permitted by law.


RIFZON reserves all rights to terminate your services/ account at its website. And in the case of the termination, the data remains with RIFZON for all purposes. Further, these terms and conditions mentioned on the website are effective unless you terminate your services/ account; Or if RIFZON terminates your services. If you wish to terminate your services/ account at RIFZON, you may notify RIFZON concerning your wish to no longer use the services available at RIFZON.

Further, if RIFZON at any point in time find that you fail to abide by the terms of service, it can terminate your services and access to the site at any time. And the termination from RIFZON will not be liable for any sort of notice. You will remain accountable for all the dues towards RIFZON till the date of termination.


The terms of service mentioned at web platforms of RIFZON or any separate agreements shall be governed as per the Laws and jurisdiction in India. So, if you do not abide by the terms of service mentioned on the RIFZON website, you will be held liable for punishments as per the laws and order of India. On your access to the website, you agree to the governing law.


The terms of service that you see on this page are the latest version of the terms and conditions. Further, RIFZON reserves all the rights to update, change, or modify any part of the terms of services at any time. RIFZON is not liable to notify you about such changes. So, it is your accountability to check the terms of services regularly. The modifications come to effect immediately from the time of posting. So, your access to the website after modifications will show acceptance of the latest version of the terms of services.